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Deep Dive

Lost Anchor

Depth: 24-30m (ML)

Environment: Big basaltic rock, Black coral , Green coral, Old anchor

Expect to See: Jack fish, Snapper, Eagle ray


Depth: 28-35m

Environment: Big basaltic rock, Gigantic sea fan, Green & Black Coral valley

Expect to See: Giant Moray, Eagle ray

Albert Wall

Depth: 27-40m

Environment: Drop off, Green coral, Tabular coral, Coral patches

Expect to See: Porcupine fish, Butterfly fish, Surgeon fish

Azuma Maru

Depth: 28-33m

Environment: Wreck, Encrusting coral , Green coral

Expect to See: Porcupine fish, Emperor fish, Snapper, Nudibranchs, Jack fish