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The Team

The friendly and experienced team of the Maritim Diving team is ready to welcome you to your underwater Mauritian adventure. We are committed to providing the best customer service and we constantly strive to satisfy our guest’s requirements. The team comprises of 1 Instructor, 2 Divemaster, Skipper, Underwater video camera man and support staff, who are all fully qualified and very experienced.

All our staff members are fully trained in Emergency First Response and first aid, with regular practice sessions conducted to keep us familiar with the latest emergency procedures. All our team members have lived or live in the region and have significant experience in the diving industry in Mauritius and are extremely familiar with all the dive sites and marine life in the region. Our team is here to help, advise and train you so that you enjoy your diving experience, ensuring that safety remains a key priority.

Your personal comments are most welcome on Facebook and Tripadvisor and are gratefully appreciated. You can enjoy our videos on Youtube and keep up to date with our tweets. Please look on Pinterest for our and guests underwater pictures.

Team Members

Purmah Soodeersing

Instructor - OWSI-624861

Great of his professional and personal experience at ORCA dive club, St Geran Hotel, Le Marina Hotel and Le Cannonier Hotel. Our PADI Instructor: Vikash has not just brought along with his diving philosophy, ideas, personal experience but also his professional capacity as an instructor but also his managing skill.

Some of his philosophy of diving and life has been shared with the CCTV, Faces of Africa; In Search of a Perfect World

He joined Maritim Diving Centre in 2007 and enjoys dive guiding, diving and teaching. His experience of 5 years as Dive master and 9 years as an Instructor has given him a lot to share with beginners, physically disabled persons, and others. As an experience Instructor, he can easily identify the needs and support required by students or a diver but also here to help and develop their confidence to be comfortable at sea. He is fluent in French and English for the benefits of our students. He has sound knowledge of the marine aquatic life likely to be found diving sites in the North and North West region and also some other regions from his past positions.

Giquel Nigel

Open Water Instructor

After 7 years serving in the capacity of skipper, Nigel is now experienced, qualified PADI Rescue Diver and is currently enrolled at our Diving Centre to complete it PADI Divemaster training.

His PADI Rescue skills are still fresh, same as Emergency First Response skills. First aid and Secondary Care skills have been recently refreshed. Some underwater and as surface scenarios has been practiced ensuring all safety measures are clear and precise.

As our Skipper for the last 7 years, he knows exactly all our diving procedures, dive sites and especially the best ones. Skippering for the last years had greatly value-added his skills and his understanding of the marine creatures above and below the surface.

Communication is not a problem, fluent in English and French. But underwater the International Language of Diver simplifies everything.

Aleear Rajiv

Dive Master - DM-299345

Rajiv are one of the Maritim Hotel Family, he has been working with the Maritim Hotel right since its opening at the Maritim Diving Centre.

We always care for our staff. Rajiv has started at the Maritim Diving Centre as skipper in 2006. He has now completed his PADI Divemaster since 2011. He is also fully qualified as an Emergency First Responder and has undergone some first aid training. He is presently doing an internship as Discover Scuba Diving Leader, ready to help the novices and beginners to jump in the ocean for their very first time. “At the Maritim Diving Centre, training never end”

Great of the long experience at the Maritim Resort and Spa, he is well aware of the expectations and needs of our 5-star divers. As a PADI Divemaster, Rajiv is fully aware of the any unforeseen situations and circumstances due to human error which may arise. But he knows how to minimize them or even alleviate them.

Underwater, Rajiv is also known as the bubblemaker, don’t be shy to ask him to blow some of these special bubbles at the safety stop…

Marie Fabrice


Fabrice is one of our new recruit. He joined us in 2015; he is current filling the position of Skipper.

Fabrice has a long experience as boat man and skipper. Hence, seamanship is not a problem for him. Fabrice has all the necessary skills and certificate to operate a diving boat; First Aid skills, Emergency First Response training and also a licensed Skipper by the Tourism Authority of Mauritius.

At the Maritim Diving Centre, we still use the traditional landmarks to locate our dive sites. His skills are getting better and better every day. But a GPS is available on rainy conditions. Hard worker, Fabrice is ready to help you to enjoy the best of your diving trips.