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DSD or DSD+ Add On

Mimi’s Arch

Depth: 9-13m

Environment: Coral patches, Fringing reef

Expect to See: Goby, Lion fish, Parrot fish, Sweetlips

Coral Garden

Depth: 10-20m

Environment: Sand bank, Coral patch , Anemone

Expect to See: Stone fish, Leaf fish, Lion fish, Parrot fish

Stella Reef

Depth: 12-26m

Environment: Sandy patches, Coral patches

Expect to See: Parrot fish, Lionfish, Morays, Ribbon Eel

Chilli Drop

Depth: 5-13m

Environment: Small Drop off, Small Caves, Coralline rock

Expect to See: Lobster, Morays, Scorpion fish, Ribbon Eel, Octopus

Barracuda Reef (DSD)

Depth: 12-15m

Environment: Coral patches, Anemone

Expect to See: Morays, Box fish, Trumpet fish, Barracuda, Clown fish, Leaf fish, Lion fish, Turtle

Maritim Reef

Depth: 13-15m

Environment: Sandy bank, Coral patches

Expect to See: Morays, Ribbon Eel, Parrot fish Butterfly fish, Turtle , Eagle ray, Leaf fish