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Diving Equipment

At the Maritim Diving Centre, we are ready to fully equip you so that you can enjoy our breath taking dives. We kit you with the latest and high quality scuba diving equipment from BC ranging size from XXS to XL Scubapro T-one BC, MK2/2+ regulators, 10 – 15 L steel or aluminum tanks, 5mm full Everflex wetsuit or 2.5mm Profiler shorties, snorkel, Saekodive or Aropec full-foot fins fit for all foot size or alternatively adjustable fins and single glass to double glass masks adjusted to you face size.

Or alternatively, you can bring your own equipment and benefit from our special Flight Plan diving rates.

We pride ourselves of the Scubapro Educational Association (SEA) membership, we are committed to and required to offer very recent SCUBAPRO equipment, serviced at least annually, in order to maintain our high level of performance for relaxed and enjoyable diving experiences any time of the year and ensuring you are completely confident underwater and enjoy each dive, resurfacing with a smile.



Your safety is very important to us and we regularly inspect and service all of our equipment to ensure everything is in good working order. All tanks are visually inspected at least once a year and pressure tested every 5 years. All tanks are filled on our premises to ensure air quality control. In case of emergency hyperbaric chamber and doctors are available on the island.

Our safety equipment includes:

  • First aid kit
  • DAN oxygen kit
  • Marine radio/ mobile phone
  • 15L 100% Pure Medical Oxygen tank at the Diving Centre


Dive Boat

Our dive boat is a Boston Whaler with twin Suzuki 140 horsepower engines. A first aid kit is always on board along with a DAN oxygen kit, a marine radio and mobile phones for communication.